There are several deployment-wide considerations to be aware of before installing vRealize Automation.

For more about high-level environment requirements, including supported operating system and browser versions, see the vRealize Automation Support Matrix.

User Web Browsers

Multiple browser windows and tabs are not supported. vRealize Automation supports one session per user.

VMware Remote Consoles provisioned on vSphere support only a subset of vRealize Automation supported browsers.

Third Party Software

All third-party software should have the latest vendor patches. Third party software includes Microsoft Windows and SQL Server.

Time Synchronization

All vRealize Automation appliances and IaaS Windows servers must synchronize to the same time source. You may use only one of the following sources. Do not mix time sources.

  • The vRealize Automation appliance host
  • One external network time protocol (NTP) server

To use the vRealize Automation appliance host, you must run NTP on the ESXi host. For more about timekeeping, see VMware Knowledge Base article 1318.

You select the time source on the Installation Prerequisites page of the Installation Wizard.