After running the Installation Wizard, you might need or want to perform certain installation tasks manually, through the standard interfaces.

The Installation Wizard described in Installing vRealize Automation with the Installation Wizard is your primary tool for new vRealize Automation installations. However, after you run the wizard, some operations still require the older, manual installation process.

You need the manual steps if you want to expand a vRealize Automation deployment or if the wizard stopped for any reason. Situations when you might need to refer to the procedures in this section include the following examples.

  • You chose to cancel the wizard before finishing the installation.
  • Installation through the wizard failed.
  • You want to add another vRealize Automation appliance for high availability.
  • You want to add another IaaS Web server for high availability.
  • You need another proxy agent.
  • You need another DEM Worker or Orchestrator.

You might use all or only some of the manual processes. Review the material throughout this section, and follow the procedures that apply to your situation.