As a fabric administrator, you want to label your compute resources as belonging to your Boston or London datacenter to support cross region deployments. When your blueprint architects enable the locations feature on their blueprints, users are able to choose whether to provision machines in your Boston or London datacenter.

Workflow diagram for enabling datacenter locations

You have a datacenter in London, and a datacenter in Boston, and you don't want users in Boston provisioning machines on your London infrastructure or vice versa. To ensure that Boston users provision on your Boston infrastructure, and London users provision on your London infrastructure, you want to allow users to select an appropriate location for provisioning when they request machines.



  1. Select Infrastructure > Compute Resources > Compute Resources.
  2. Point to the compute resource located in your Boston datacenter and click Edit.
  3. Select Boston from the Locations drop-down menu.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Repeat this procedure as necessary to associate your compute resources to your Boston and London locations.


IaaS architects can enable the locations feature so users can choose to provision machines in Boston or London when they fill out their catalog item request forms. See Enable Users to Select Datacenter Locations for Cross Region Deployments.