Blueprint architects build Software components, machine blueprints, and custom XaaS blueprints and assemble those components into the blueprints that define the items users request from the catalog. The catalog can display a default request form, or you can create a custom form for each published blueprint.

You can create and publish blueprints for a single machine, or a single custom XaaS blueprint, but you can also combine machine components and XaaS blueprints with other building blocks to design elaborate catalog item blueprints that include multiple machines, networking and security, software with full life cycle support, and custom XaaS functionality.

Depending on the catalog item you want to define, the process can be as simple as a single infrastructure architect publishing one machine component as a blueprint, or the process can include multiple architects creating many different types of components to design a complete application stack for users to request.

Diagram of Creating Blueprints

Software Components

You can create and publish software components to install software during the machine provisioning process and support the software life cycle. For example, you can create a blueprint for developers to request a machine with their development environment already installed and configured. Software components are not catalog items by themselves, and you must combine them with a machine component to create a catalog item blueprint. See Designing Software Components.

Machine Blueprints

You can create and publish simple blueprints to provision single machines or you can create more complex blueprints that contain additional machine components and optionally any combination of the following component types:

  • Software components
  • Existing blueprints
  • NSX network and security components
  • XaaS components
  • Containers components
  • Custom or other components

See Designing Machine Blueprints.

XaaS Blueprints

You can publish your vRealize Orchestrator workflows as XaaS blueprints. For example, you can create a custom resource for Active Directory users, and design an XaaS blueprint to allow managers to provision new users in their Active Directory group. You create and manage XaaS components outside of the design tab. You can reuse published XaaS blueprints to create application blueprints, but only in combination with at least one machine component. See Designing XaaS Blueprints and Resource Actions.

Application Blueprints with Multi-Machine, XaaS, and Software Components

You can add any number of machine components, Software components, and XaaS blueprints to a machine blueprint to deliver elaborate functionality to your users.

For example, you can create a blueprint for managers to provision a new hire setup. You can combine multiple machine components, software components, and a XaaS blueprint for provisioning new Active Directory users. The QE Manager can request your New Hire catalog item, and their new quality engineering employee is provisioned in Active Directory and given two working virtual machines, one Windows and one Linux, each with all the required software for running test cases in these environments.