After you create vRealize Automation tenants, you must log in to the system console as a tenant administrator and create an Active Directory link to support user authentication.

There are three Active Directory communication protocol options when configuring an Active Directory connection using Directories Management.

  • Active Directory over LDAP - An Active Directory over LDAP protocol supports DNS Service Location lookup by default.
  • Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication) - With Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication), you configure the domain to join. Active Directory over LDAP is appropriate for single domain deployments. Use Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication) for all multi-domain and multi-forest deployments.
  • OpenLDAP - You can use the open source version of LDAP to support Directories Management user authentication.

After you select a communication protocol and configure an Active Directory link, you can specify the domains to use with the Active Directory configuration and then select the users and groups to sync with the specified configuration.