You can publish a blueprint for use in machine provisioning and optionally for reuse in another blueprint. To use the blueprint for requesting machine provisioning, you must entitle the blueprint after publishing it. Blueprints that are consumed as components in other blueprints do not required entitlement.


  • Log in to vRealize Automation as an infrastructure architect.

  • Create a blueprint. See Checklist for Creating vRealize Automation Blueprints.


  1. Click the Design tab.
  2. Click Blueprints.
  3. Point to the blueprint to publish and click Publish.
  4. Click OK.


The blueprint is published as a catalog item but you must first entitle it to make it available to users in the service catalog.

What to do next

Add the blueprint to the catalog service and entitle users to request the catalog item for machine provisioning as defined in the blueprint.