IaaS administrators and fabric administrators configure IaaS resources to integrate existing infrastructure with vRealize Automation and to allocate infrastructure resources to vRealize Automation business groups.

You can use the Configuring IaaS Resources Checklist to see a high-level overview of the sequence of steps required to configure IaaS resources.
Configuring IaaS Resources Workflow

Table 1. Checklist for Configuring IaaS Resources
Task vRealize Automation Role Details
Check Box Create endpoints for your infrastructure to bring resources under vRealize Automation management. IaaS administrator Choosing an Endpoint Scenario.
Check Box Create a fabric group to organize infrastructure resources into groups and assign one or more administrators to manage those resources as your vRealize Automation fabric administrators. IaaS administrator

Create a Fabric Group.

Check Box Configure machine prefixes used to create names for machines provisioned through vRealize Automation. Fabric administrator Configure Machine Prefixes.
Check Box (Optional) Create network profiles to configure network settings for provisioned machines. Fabric administrator Creating a Network Profile in vRealize Automation.
Check Box Allocate infrastructure resources to business groups by creating reservations and, optionally, reservation and storage reservation profiles.
  • IaaS administrator if also configured as a Fabric administrator
  • Fabric administrator
Configuring Reservations and Reservation Policies.