You create and configure the endpoints that allow vRealize Automation to communicate with your infrastructure.

Endpoints definitions are categorized based on type:
  • Cloud

    The cloud category contains the vCloud Air, vCloud Director, Amazon EC2, and OpenStack endpoint types

  • IPAM

    This category is only visible if you have registered a third-party IPAM endpoint type such as Infoblox IPAM in a vRealize Orchestrator workflow.

  • Management

    This category contains the vRealize Operations Manager endpoint only.

  • Network and Security

    This category contains the Proxy and NSX endpoint types.

    A Proxy endpoint can be associated to an Amazon, vCloud Air, or vCloud Director endpoint.

    An NSX endpoint can be associated to a vSphere endpoint.

  • Orchestration

    This category contains the vRealize Orchestrator endpoint only.

  • Storage

    This category contains the NetApp ONTAP endpoint.

  • Virtual

    The virtual category contains the vSphere, Hyper-V (SCVMM), and KVM (RHEV) endpoint types.

You can configure additional endpoint types in vRealize Orchestrator and use them with supported endpoint types in vRealize Automation. You can also import, and export, endpoints programmatically.

For information about working with endpoints after upgrade or migration, see Considerations When Working With Upgraded or Migrated Endpoints.