Run the registration workflow in vRealize Orchestrator to support vRealize Automation use of the third-party IPAM provider and register the IPAM endpoint type for use in vRealize Automation.

For more information about importing packages and running workflows, see Using the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Client. For more information about extending vRealize Automation with vRealize Orchestrator packages and workflows, see Machine Extensibility Overview.


  • Obtain and Import a Third-Party IPAM Provider Package in vRealize Orchestrator
  • Verify that you are logged in to vRealize Orchestrator with the authority to run registration workflows.
  • Be prepared to enter the vRealize Automation administrator credentials when prompted by the registration workflow. When you register IPAM endpoint types in vRealize Orchestrator, you are prompted to enter vRealize Automation administrator credentials.


  1. In vRealize Orchestrator, click the Design tab, select Administrator > Library, and select IPAM Service Package SDK.

    Each IPAM provider package is uniquely named and contains unique workflows. Each provider supplies their own registration workflow. While the workflow names might be similar between provider packages, the location of the workflows in vRealize Orchestrator can be different and is provider-specific.

  2. For this example, run the Register IPAM Endpoint registration workflow and specify the IPAM Infloblox endpoint type.
  3. At the prompt for vRealize Automation credentials, enter your vRealize Automation administrator credentials, for example fabric administrator credentials.

    You must supply the registration workflow with vRealize Automation system administrator credentials. Even if a non-system administrator user is logged in to the vRealize Orchestrator client, if the vRealize Automation system administrator credentials are provided to the workflow the registration will succeed.


In this example, the package registers Infoblox as a new IPAM endpoint type in the vRealize Automation endpoint service and makes the endpoint type available when you create or edit endpoints in vRealize Automation.

Note: If the Infoblox IPAM connection disappears from the vRealize Orchestrator Inventory tab after you restart the vRealize Orchestrator server in the vRealize Orchestrator Control Center. To resolve this issue, run the Create IPAM Connection workflow from the vRO admin > Library > Infoblox > vRA > Helpers menu sequence. You can then the vRealize Orchestrator Inventory tab, select Infoblox IPAM, and refresh the page to display the Infoblox IPAM connection.

What to do next

You can now create an IPAM Infloblox type endpoint, or and endpoint for whatever third-party package or plug-in you have just registered, in vRealize Automation. See Create a Third-Party IPAM Provider Endpoint.