The vRealize Automation Health Service assesses the functional health of a vRealize Automation environment.

IaaS administrators configure the Health Service to run test suites that determine if the components are registered and the necessary resources are available. This table shows the test suites provided by the Health Service and some example tests in each suite.
Health Service Test Suites Example Tests
System tests for vRealize Automation
  • SSO/Identity VA Connection Test
  • vRealize Automation License Check - Is License Expired?
  • vRealize Automation Virtual Appliance Root Password Check - Is Password Expiring Soon?
Tenant tests for vRealize Automation
  • Check vSphere Reservation Storage Paths
  • Check Reservation Policy to Reservation Assignments
  • Check the Portal Service Status
Tests for vRealize Orchestrator
  • Check number of active vRO nodes
  • Check the utilization of the java memory heap in the vRO nodes
  • Check the status of the vro-server service in the vRO nodes
After you run a test suite on a virtual machine, the Health Service reports the number of tests that passed or failed. For each failed test, the Health Service provides these links:
Link Content
Cause Explanation of why the test failed.
Remediation Information that you can use to fix the problem.

You can configure the Health Service to run tests on a schedule or only on demand.

You can also use Python to create custom tests. See the vRealize Automation Health Service Extensibility Guide.

Tenant administrators with a Health Consumer role can view test results for their tenancy but cannot configure or run a test.