You can use component profiles to configure advanced property management capabilities in vRealize Automation blueprints. Deployers can then use the Size and Image component profiles on a blueprint to select pre-defined value sets.

You can use the Size and Image component profiles, and their specified value sets, to map to a logical grouping such as Small, Medium, and Large or Dev, Test, and Production. By using these settings, you can reduce the number of blueprints that you need to maintain.

A component profile defines settings for a vSphere machine component in a blueprint. For example, you might define a component profile for a small size virtual machine deployment. You might define another component profile for a large size machine deployment. You can use vRealize Automation to define the following component profile types:

You can define multiple named value sets within the Size and Image component profile types and add one or more of the value sets to machine components in a blueprint. Each value set that you define for the component profile type contains the following configurable settings:

  • Name that requesters see when they provision a machine

  • Unique identifier for tenant

  • Description

  • Set of value choices for each option in the value set

You cannot define other component profile types.

When you request provisioning, you can select from available Size and Image options. When you choose one of the value sets, the corresponding property values are bound to the request.