Key pairs are used to provision and connect to a cloud instance. A key pair is used to decrypt Windows passwords or to log in to a Linux machine.

Key pairs are required for provisioning with Amazon Web Services. For Red Hat OpenStack, key pairs are optional.

Existing key pairs are imported as part of data collection when you add a cloud endpoint. A fabric administrator can also create and manage key pairs by using the vRealize Automation console. If you delete a key pair from the vRealize Automation console, it is also deleted from the cloud service account.

In addition to managing key pairs manually, you can configure vRealize Automation to generate key pairs automatically per machine or per business group.
  • A fabric administrator can configure the automatic generation of key pairs at a reservation level.
  • If the key pair is going to be controlled at the blueprint level, the fabric administrator must select Not Specified on the reservation.
  • A tenant administrator or business group manager can configure the automatic generation of key pairs at a blueprint level.
  • If key pair generation is configured at both the reservation and blueprint level, the reservation setting overrides the blueprint setting.