The vRealize Orchestrator workflow that you select runs when the subscription conditions are evaluated as true.

Workflows combine ABX actions, decisions, and results that, when performed in a particular order, complete a specific task or a specific process in a virtual environment. Workflows perform tasks such as provisioning virtual machines, backing up, performing regular maintenance, sending emails, performing SSH operations, managing the physical infrastructure, and other general utility operations. Workflows accept inputs according to their function. Workflows can also call upon other workflows. For example, you can reuse in several different workflows a workflow that starts a virtual machine.

You can link workflows in a subscription to automate a procedure in response to a triggering event. This allows the workflow to perform and generate results without user intervention. More specifically it adds the ability to run workflows on virtual machine provisioning lifecycle events. You can also reuse subscription outputs to share data between workflows in the same state. Workflows registered to the same life cycle state can merge output payloads.


The workflow must exist in vRealize Orchestrator as listed in Administration > vRO Configuration > Server Configuration.


  1. Select Administration > Events > Subscriptions.
  2. Click New and select an Event Topic.
  3. Click Next and define Workflow Conditions.
  4. Click Next and select to the Workflow to apply to the subscription.
    Table 1. Workflow Tab
    Workflow Tab Description
    Select a Workflow Navigate to the workflow.
    Selected Workflow Displays information about the workflow, including input and output parameters, so that you can verify it is the one that you want to run.