You can use the test connection action to validate the credentials, host endpoint address, and certificate for a vSphere, NSX for vSphere, NSX-T, and vRealize Operations Manager endpoint.

The action also checks that the manager service and agent are running so that the endpoint can be data-collected.

The Test Connection action returns information about any of the following conditions:
  • Certificate error

    If the certificate is not found, trusted, or has expired, you are prompted to accept a certificate thumb print. If you do not accept the thumb print, you can still save the endpoint but machine provisioning might fail.

  • Agent error

    The associated vSphere agent is not found. The agent must be running for the test to succeed.

  • Host error

    The specified endpoint address is not reachable or the associated manager service is not running. The manager service must be running for the test to succeed.

  • Credentials error

    The specified user name and password combination is invalid for the endpoint at the specified address.

  • Timeout

    The test action could not complete in the allowed two-minute time period.

If you receive errors when running Test Connection on upgraded or migrated endpoints, see Considerations When Working With Upgraded or Migrated Endpoints for steps needed to establish certificate trust.