To prepare to define and use an third-party IPAM provider endpoint, you must first obtain the third-party IPAM provider package and import the package in vRealize Orchestrator.

You can download and use an existing third-party IP Address Management provider plug-in, such as Infoblox IPAM. You can also create your own third-party IPAM plug-in or package by using a VMware-supplied starter package and accompanying SDK documentation for use with another third-party IPAM solution provider, such as BlueCat.

After you import the third-party IPAM provider plug-in or package in vRealize Orchestrator, you must run the required workflows, and register the IPAM endpoint type in vRealize Orchestrator.

For more information about importing plug-ins and packages and running vRealize Orchestrator workflows, see Using the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Client. For more information about extending vRealize Automation with vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins, packages, and workflows, see Life Cycle Extensibility.

This step sequence uses the Infoblox IPAM plug-in as an example. Your step sequence may differ depending on your vRealize Automation or plug-in version.


  • Download the package or plug-in from
  • Log in to vRealize Orchestrator with administrator privileges for importing, configuring, and registering a vRealize Orchestrator plug-in or package.


  1. Open the site.
  2. Locate and download the plug-in or package.
    For example, import the Infoblox plug-in that supports the Infoblox third-party IPAM endpoint in vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Automation 7.1 and later.
    1. In the Publisher category, select Infoblox and click Apply.
    2. Select The Infoblox Plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator.
    3. Click Tech Specs and review the prerequisites.
    4. Click Try for additional information and to receive an email that contains a link to the download.
    5. Download the zip file as specified in the emailed instructions.
      Version 4.0 and greater of the plug-in supports vRealize Automation 7.1 and greater. The zip file also contains documentation about the plug-in.
  3. In vRealize Orchestrator, click the Administrator tab and click Import package.
  4. Select the package to import.
  5. Select all workflows and artifacts and click Import selected elements.

What to do next

Run Workflow to Register Third-Party IPAM Endpoint Type in vRealize Orchestrator.