You can view the health service test results after you run the tests.

The Health page displays each configured test suite as a test card. When a test suite runs, the result appears in the middle of the test card.

The test cards that you see on the Health page are filtered according to your privilege.
  • IaaS administrators can see all test cards.
  • Tenant administrators with the Health Consumer role can see only the test card for their tenancy.


  • The configured test suite has run on schedule.
  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as an IaaS administrator or as a tenant administrator.


  1. Select Administration > Health.
  2. If a test is not scheduled to run, click Run on the test card.
  3. Click the center of a test card after the tests are finished.

    A page appears that displays the status of each test. To see why a test failed, click Cause. To open a topic that explains how to fix the problem, click the Remediation link if one is available.