You can delete certain endpoint types under certain conditions.

  • You can delete endpoints that have not been data-collected.
  • You can delete an OpenStack, Amazon and VRO endpoint if it has been data collected, but has no reservations. Other endpoint types cannot be deleted if they have been data collected.
  • You can delete a third-party IPAM endpoint if it has no association to a network profile.
  • When deleting a vSphere endpoint, the confirmation prompt lists the following dependencies:

    • The endpoint has been data-collected.
    • The endpoint is referenced in a reservation that maps to a compute resource. You cannot delete an endpoint is referenced in a reservation. Reservations require a compute resource.
    • The endpoint contains a template that is referenced in an existing blueprint.

      The blueprint is not deleted when you delete the endpoint.

    • The endpoint is used by virtual machines that are in use.
  • You can delete endpoints programmatically by using either the new CREATE, EDIT, and DELETE vRealize Automation endpoint-configuration-service REST APIs introduced in vRealize Automation 7.3 or by using vRealize CloudClient. You cannot delete endpoints by using the pre-vRealize Automation 7.3 endpoint-configuration-service REST APIs.