An IaaS administrator must add a custom test suite to vRealize Automation health service before you run the test suite.

To add a custom test suite for a vRealize Automation asset, complete this procedure.


  • Create a Python wheel for the custom test suite files. For information, see the vRealize Automation Health Service Extensibility Guide.
  • Log in to vRealize Automation as an IaaS administrator.


  1. Click Administration > Health.
  2. In the upper right, click the gear icon and select Extensibility.
  3. Click New Asset.
  4. In the Add Asset dialog box, provide the requested information.
    Option Description
    Asset Title The name and version number of the test suite you are running, for example, Infoblox 1.0.
    Asset Description A description of the tests contained in the Python wheel.
    Asset Version Test suite version number.
    Asset File Click Choose File and select your custom test suite file.
  5. Click Add.
    A new row is added to the asset table with the status UPLOADED. When the status changes to INSTALLED, your test suite is ready to use. If the install process fails, you see a popup that provides a reason.
    Note: If the page does not update, click the refresh icon.

What to do next

Run a Custom Test Suite.