vRealize Automation Service Broker is where you provide your users with a catalog of blueprints and other templates that they can deploy to the cloud accounts that you provide. In this part of the tour, you can see what the Quickstart configured for you.

The tour gets you started learning the user interface and understanding some of the tasks you can later perform on your own.

If you run the Quickstart wizard more than once, you will see representative examples for each run as you progress through this tour.


Review the tour of Cloud Assembly. See Tour of the Quickstart changes to vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly.


  1. To see how your consumers deploy blueprints and other templates, navigate to vRealize Automation Service Broker using the menu in the upper right corner.
    1. Click the navigation matrix in the upper right corner.
    2. Select Service Broker.
      Service Broker catalog with catalog items created by the Quickstart.

      Notice that the three catalog items are the released blueprints from vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly.

    3. To see what the Quickstart deployed, click the Deployments tab.
      Deployment provisioned by the Quickstart

      Notice that this deployment is the same one that we saw in vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly.

  2. To review how Quickstart configured vRealize Automation Service Broker to provide the blueprints in the catalog, select Content and Policies.
    1. Click Content Sources.
      Content source added by the Quickstart

      In this case, the Cloud Assembly blueprints are the content source. You can also add Amazon Web Services CloudFormation templates, vRealize Orchestrator workflows, and templates that you want to provide to your consumers.

    2. Click Content.
      Content added to Service Broker by the Quickstart

      This list is where you see the master list of all the content in vRealize Automation Service Broker, including the blueprints from vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly.

    3. Select Policies > Definitions.
      Lease policy created by the Quickstart.

      You create and manage policies in vRealize Automation Service Broker, including lease policies that apply to vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly deployments.

    4. To review the project and the custom name that you created in the Quickstart, and that you saw in the vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly part of the tour, select Infrastructure > Configure > Projects.
      The project created by the Quickstart.

      Notice that only a limited number of the infrastructure options that you saw in vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly are available in vRealize Automation Service Broker. Only the options that you must use to set up the catalog for your consumers are provided.

What to do next

To add another cloud account, configure the infrastructure to support it, and deploy a blueprint to support it, use the guided setup. See How do I get started with vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly using the Guided Setup.