The vRealize Automation Terraform provider allows users to programmatically interact with vRealize Automation from within Terraform.

The vRealize Automation Terraform provider is a third-party plug-in, so it's not automatically installed by terraform init. You need to manually install it in the Terraform user plug-ins directory, located at %APPDATA%\terraform.d\plugins on Windows and ~/.terraform.d/plugins on other systems. Also, for Terraform infrastructure-as-code to connect with the vRealize Automation API, you need an API token generated from VMware Cloud Services Console. VMware has posted a thorough blog with configuration and usage guidelines. It includes sample Terraform code that provisions to an AWS cloud account, and includes the results that you see in vRealize Automation when running the Terraform code.

Note that downloads and installation instructions are available at the vRealize Automation Terraform provider GitHub project.