vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly components are your blueprint building blocks. The design page lets you use cloud agnostic components, or components specific to a cloud vendor.

Components appear for selection on the left side of the design page.

Cloud Agnostic Components

You can deploy cloud agnostic components to any cloud vendor. At provisioning time, the deployment uses cloud specific resources that match. For example, if you expect a blueprint to deploy to both AWS and vSphere cloud zones, use cloud agnostic components.

Cloud Vendor Components

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and VMware vSphere components can only be deployed to matching AWS, Azure, or vSphere cloud zones.

You can add cloud agnostic components to a blueprint that contains cloud specific components for a particular vendor. Just be aware of what the project cloud zones support in terms of vendor.

Configuration Management Components

Configuration management components depend on your integrated applications. For example, a Puppet component can monitor and enforce the configuration of the other components.