External IPAM vendors and partners can download and use the IPAM SDK to create an IPAM integration package that enables vRealize Automation to support their provider-specific IPAM solution.

The process for building and deploying a custom IPAM integration package for vRealize Automation by using the supplied IPAM SDK is described in the Creating and deploying a provider-specific IPAM integration package for VMware Cloud Assembly document. As described in the document, you can download the VMware vRealize Automation Third-Party IPAM SDK from the VMware solutions exchange marketplace.

workflow of object calls between Cloud Assembly and external IPAM provider

Before taking the time to create a vendor-specific IPAM integration package by using the IPAM SDK, check to see if one already exists for vRealize Automation. You can check for a provider-specific IPAM integration package on the IPAM provider's website, in the VMware solutions exchange marketplace and from the vRealize Automation Marketplace tab.

While the Provider-specific external IPAM integration use case example is vendor-specific, it also contains helpful reference information.