vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly creates and saves blueprints as code, which allows you to easily design and reuse blueprints.

You can build a blueprint from a blank canvas or take advantage of existing code.

The vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly blueprint design page

To create a blueprint from scratch, go to Blueprints and click New. Drag components to the canvas, connect them, and finish configuring them in the code editor.

The code editor allows you to type, cut, copy, and paste code directly. If you're uncomfortable editing code, you can select a resource in the design canvas, click the code editor Properties tab, and enter values there. Property values that you enter appear in the code as if you had typed them directly.

Blueprint code editor and Properties tab

Note that you can copy and paste code from one blueprint to another.

Blueprint cloning

To clone a blueprint, go to Blueprints, select a source, and click Clone. You clone a blueprint to create a copy based on the source, then assign the clone to a new project or use it as starter code for a new application.

Uploading and downloading

The vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly Marketplace offers finished blueprints to jumpstart your effort. See How to use the vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly Marketplace.

In addition, you can upload, download, and share blueprint YAML code in any way that makes sense for your site. You can even modify blueprint code using external editors and development environments.

Note: A good way to validate shared blueprint code is to inspect it in the vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly code editor on the blueprint design page.
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