Projects control user access to the cloud zones and user ownership of the provisioned resources. Whether your are a cloud administrator or a blueprint developer, you must understand how the projects work at deployment time so that you can manage your deployments and troubleshoot any problems.

As a cloud administrator who is setting up projects for various teams, you must understand how projects determine where blueprint components are deployed. This understanding helps you create projects that support blueprint developers and to troubleshoot failed deployments.

When you create a blueprint, you first associate it with a project. At deployment time, the blueprint requirements are evaluated against the project cloud zones to find the best deployment location.

The following workflow illustrates the process.

  1. You submit a blueprint deployment request.
  2. The project evaluates the blueprint and project requirements, for example, flavor, image, and constraint tags. The requirements are compared to the project cloud zones to locate a zone that supports the requirements.
  3. These zones did not have the resources to support the request.
  4. This cloud zone supports the request requirements and the blueprint is deployed to this cloud zone account region.
How are projects processed at deployment time.