You can access vRealize Easy Installer after you download the executable file from My VMware download page to access the installer file.


Verify that you have downloaded the ISO file.


  1. After you download the file, mount the vra-lcm-installer.iso file.
  2. Browse to the folder vrlcm-ui-installer inside the CD-ROM.
  3. The folder contains three sub-folder for three operating systems. Based on your operating system, browse to the corresponding operating system folder inside vrlcm-ui-installer folder.
  4. Click the installer file in the folder.
    Operating System File Path
    Windows lcm-installer\vrlcm-ui-installer\win32
    1. Login to Linux VM.
    2. Run apt-get install p7zip-full.
    3. Run 7z x vra-lcm-installer.iso.
    4. Run chmod +x vrlcm-ui-installer/lin64/installer
    5. Run apt install libnss3 (required only if libnss3 component is not installed.)
    6. Run vrlcm-ui-installer/lin64/installer.
    Mac vrlcm-ui-installer/mac/Installer

    The vRealize Easy Installer UI is specific to the operating system. Ensure that you are using the valid UI folder path to launch the installer.