When the vRealize Easy Installer fails at the time of deployment due to Infrastructure issues in vCenter Server, the Easy installer fails with an error message.


During deployment, if there are any infrastructure issues with vCenter Server, then vRealize Easy Installer fails with the generic error message:

"A problem occurred during installation.Check the installer logs and retry"..


  • If a host is rebooted during installation:
                   <LocalizedMsg> Failed to send http data </LocalizedMsg>
                <LocalizedMsg> Reached maximum wait time of 5 minutes when aborting.</LocalizedMsg>
  • If the datastore gets filled up to 100% at the time of installation:
      <LocalizedMsg>Bad response code (500) from POST request</LocalizedMsg>
  • If easy installer is not able to connect to ESXi Host:
    info: output:ERROR
    + <Errors>
    + <Error>
    + <Type>ovftool.http.send</Type>
    + <LocalizedMsg>
    + Failed to send http data
    + </LocalizedMsg>
    + </Error>
    + </Errors>


  1. Select the Host to return to a healthy state if it reboots at the time of installation.
  2. If the datastore gets filled up, clear the datastore memory and retry.
  3. Add DNS FQDN entries of the target vCenter Server and all ESXi servers in the cluster to the system hosts file: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. For Linux and Mac, /etc/hosts.