Before deploying a catalog item, you can use the upfront price as a price estimate for your deployment.

For an upfront price estimation, the size of boot disk per VM is always 8 GB.

The upfront price of a deployment is a daily price estimate, based on the allocation of a resource, for a given catalog item before it is deployed. After a catalog item is deployed, you can view the month-to-date price as an aggregate of the upfront price on the Deployment and Infrastructure > Projects tabs. Upfront pricing is supported for private cloud resources such as vSphere Machine and vSphere Disk, Cloud Assembly catalog items, and cloud agnostic items with vCenter configured for private cloud.

Note: Upfront pricing is not supported for public cloud resources, or non-vSphere Machine or Disk private cloud resources.


To view the price in vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly, you must have a vRealize Operations integration endpoint configured with pricing enabled and currency preset.


  1. From the Catalog, select a catalog item and click Request.
  2. Enter the details for your catalog item request and click Calculate.
  3. (Optional) Click Details to view the price breakdown in the Daily price Estimate window.

What to do next

If the daily price estimate is acceptable, click Submit to continue the deployment request.