You can integrate Ansible Tower with vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly to support configuration management of deployed resources. After configuring integration, you can add Ansible components to new or existing deployments from the blueprint editor.

vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly supports integration with Ansible Tower versions 3.5 and 3.6.


  • You must configure the appropriate credentials and templates in Ansible Tower for use with your deployments. Templates define the inventory and playbook for use with a deployment. There is a 1:1 mapping between a job template and a playbook. Playbooks use a YAML-like syntax to define tasks that are associated with the template. For most typical deployments, use machine credentials for authentication.
    1. Log in the the Ansible Tower and navigate to the Job Templates section.
    2. Select Adding a new job template.
      • Select the Credential that you already created. These are the Credentials of the machine to be managed by Ansible Tower. For each job template, there can be one credential object.
      • For the Limit selection, select Prompt on Launch. This ensures that the job template runs against the node being provisioned or de-provisioned from vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly. If this option is not selected, a Limit is not set error will appear when the blueprint that contains the job template is deployed.
  • You can view the execution of the Job templates invoked from vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly on the Ansible Tower Jobs tab .


  1. Select Infrastructure > Connections > Integrations and click Add Integration.
  2. Click Ansible Tower.
    The Ansible configuration page appears.
  3. Enter the Hostname, which can be an IP address, and other required information for the Ansible Tower instance.
  4. Enter the UI-based authentication Username and Password for the applicable Ansible Tower instance.
  5. Click Validate to verify the integration.
  6. Type an appropriate Name and Description for the integration.
  7. Click Add.


Ansible Tower is available for use in blueprints.

What to do next

Add Ansible Tower components to the desired blueprints.

  1. On the blueprint canvas page, select Ansible under the Configuration Management heading on the blueprint options menu and drag the Ansible Tower component to the canvas.
  2. Use the panel on the right to configure the appropriate Ansible properties such as job templates.