As a vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly blueprint developer, you use the Deployment tab to manage your deployments. You can troubleshoot failed provisioning processes, make changes, and destroy unused deployments.

Deployments are the provisioned instances of blueprints. The Deployments tab displays your successful and failed deployments. You use the page to manage your successful deployments or to begin troubleshooting any failed requests.

Working with deployment cards

You can locate and manage your deployments using the card list. You can filter or search for specific deployments, and then run actions on those deployments.

  1. Filter your requests based on attributes.
  2. Search for deployments based on keywords or requestor.
  3. Sort the list to order by time or name.
  4. Run deployment-level actions on the deployment, including deleting unused deployments to reclaim resources.

You can also see deployment costs, expiration dates, and status.

Deployment cards