The following system resources are required to install vRealize Automation and VMware Identity Manager.

Requirements vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager VMware Identity Manager vRealize Automation
Total Disk Size 48 GB 60 GB 222 GB (Only for single node Installation)
Virtual CPU 2 2 12
Memory/RAM Size 6 GB 6 GB 40 GB
System Partition 10 GB 8 GB 50 GB
Data Partition 20 GB 144 GB
Metrics Partition 20 GB
Logs Partition 8 GB
Swap Size 8 GB 6 GB
Tomcat Partition 10 GB
var Partition 10 GB
db Partition 10 GB 10 GB
vRealize Easy Installer supports
  • VMware Identity Manager 3.3.1 (for import only) and 3.3.2
  • vRealize Automation 8.0.0 and later.

Comply with Hardware sizing for VMware Identity Manager after Installation from vRealize Easy Installer - Hardware Requirements

Note: To learn more about the hardware re-sizing of VMware Identity Manager through Lifecycle Manager, see Hardware Sizing for VMware Identity Manager.

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