This section describes information of ports and protocols used for vRealize Automation.

vRealize Automation can currently be accessed over port 443. The 443 port is secured with a self-signed certificate that is generated during the installation. When using an external load balancer, it must be set up to balance on port 443. The table provides an overview of the Ports and Port number used for vRealize Automation. For more information on Ports and Protocols for vRealize Automation where you can view port information of various VMware products in a single dashboard and also export an offline copy of the selected data, see VMware Ports and Protocols.

Protocol Port Number
TCP 80
TCP 443
TCP 2379
TCP 2380
TCP 6443
TCP 8008
TCP 10250
TCP 16000
TCP 20849
TCP 30333
TCP 30821
TCP 31090
UDP 500
UDP 4500
UDP 8285
Table 1. Requirement for Ports for Product and Integration Communications
Product or Integration TCP Port Number
vRealize Automation Appliance 5480, 443, 22
Identity Manager Appliances 8443, 443,

9999, 9898, 9000, 9694 (Use these for a cluster)

vCenter Server Instances 443
ESXi Host Instances 443

For more information on ports, see vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Ports.