As a cloud template developer, you can configure and deploy a SaltStack Config minion using cloud templates for air-gapped environments.


  • Ensure that the /etc/salt/cloud.deploy.d folder on the vRA SSC server contains the latest tarball with the latest version of the installer files (version 3004).
  • Ensure that your VM has python 3 installed and configured.
  • On your VM, if you are not using the root account, create a user account and add it to the sudo group: usermod -aG sudo salt-user
For more information on Windows requirements, see Spinning up Windows Minions.


  1. Navigate to the RaaS configuration file located in /etc/raas/raas.
  2. Add these lines to the configuration file:
      airgap_install: true
  3. Restart the RaaS service using the service raas restart command.
  4. In Cloud Assembly, configure and deploy a cloud template without the saltConfiguration or remoteAccess sections.
  5. Run the Apply Salt Configuration Day 2 action against the machine.
    Note: You only need to enter your authentication credentials to run the action.
  6. Navigate back to the cloud template and verify the YAML configuration.
  7. Test and deploy the cloud template.