You can use an external IPAM provider to manage IP address assignments for your cloud template deployments. This tutorial describes how to configure external IPAM integration in vRealize Automation using Infoblox as the external IPAM provider.

In this procedure, you use an existing IPAM provider package, in this case an Infoblox package, and an existing running environment to build a provider-specific IPAM integration point. You configure an existing network and create a network profile to support IP address allocation from the external IPAM provider. Finally, you create a cloud template that is matched to the network and network profile and deploy networked machines using IP values obtained from the external IPAM provider.

Information about how to obtain and configure the IPAM provider package, and how to configure a running environment that accesses a cloud extensibility proxy to support the IPAM provider integration, is included as reference.

The values you see in this sample workflow are example values. You won't be able to use them verbatim in your environment. Think about where you would make your own substitutions to fit your organization's needs.

video icon appears To reference a similar vRealize Automation scenario that illustrates an Infoblox IPAM integration workflow in video form, see Infoblox IPAM Plug-in Integration with vRealize Automation / vRealize Automation Cloud.