The VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Easy Installer for vRealize Automation and VMware Identity Manager helps you install vRealize Automation and Workspace ONE Access in less time than it would take to install individual products.

The procedures in this guide provide the step-by-step process for installing and deploying vRealize Automation, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, and Workspace ONE Access by using the vRealize Easy Installer.

vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation is a modern infrastructure automation platform that enables private and multi-cloud environments on VMware Cloud infrastructure. It delivers self-service automation, DevOps for infrastructure, configuration management and network automation capabilities that help you increase business and IT agility, productivity, and efficiency. Integrate, streamline, and modernize traditional, cloud-native, and multi-cloud infrastructures with vRealize Automation and simplify IT while preparing for the future of your business.

vRealize Automation is installed, configured, managed, and upgraded only through vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager delivers a comprehensive application lifecycle and content management solution for the vRealize Suite, accelerating time to value, minimizing ongoing management, and improving end-user productivity.

The vRealize Easy Installer also allows you to migrate vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager instances.

VMware Identity Manager

VMware Identity Manager (also known as Workspace One) integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management into a single platform and is available as a cloud service or on-premises deployment.

Note: You can skip to the individual installations of Workspace ONE and vRealize Automation by selecting the Skip Installation button at the top of their Configuration tabs.