The scalability and concurrency limit tables outline the recommended maximums on vRealize Automation 8.2 HA multi-tenant deployment.

Table 1. Scalability Maximums
Component Scale Targets
Tenants 20
Cloud Accounts: Private Endpoints - vCenter, NSX, and NSXT 50
Cloud Accounts: Public Endpoints - AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMC 20
Compute resources - ESXi hosts on a single vCenter 600
Compute resources - ESXi Hosts across 50 vCenters 2,000
Cloud Zones (for all endpoints) 200
Cloud Zones for a single endpoint 10
Data collected machines (includes private and public cloud) 200,000
Images collected 150,000
Image and Flavor Mapping 150
Cloud Zones and images per Image Mapping 100
Cloud Zone and Flavors per Flavor Mapping 100
VPZ created from single endpoint by provider tenant 50
VPZ created across endpoints by provider tenant 300
VPZ assignment per tenant 60
Resources per deployment 100
Blueprint 8,000
Catalog items 8,000
Catalog - content sources 1,000
Projects 5,000
Users per project 5,000
Projects per user 5,000
Custom Role Across tenants 500
Custom Roles per User 100
Subscriptions 3,000
Subscriptions per deployment 40
Blocking subscription per event topic 50
Non-Blocking subscription per event topic 50
Approval policies 4,500
Pipelines 3,000
ABX Actions - AWS lambda and Azure function providers 1,000
ABX Actions - On-prem provider 150
Table 2. Concurrency Maximums
Action Targeted Sustain Load
Concurrent Blueprint resource provisioning 20/minute per blueprint containing up to 50 resources10/minute per blueprint containing 51 to 100 resources
Concurrent Day 2 actions on deployments 10/minute
Concurrent Day 2 actions on Provisioned Resources 20/minute
Concurrent catalog requests of ABX Action and vRO workflow 20/minute
Concurrent ABX Action runs with default limits 20/minute
Concurrent vRO Workflow runs 20/minute
Concurrent pipeline executions 20/minute
Concurrent resource deploymentsWorkload placement through vROPs 10/minute
Bulk-Imported machines using workload on-boarding - Multiple plans 19,000/hour
Bulk-Imported machines using workload on-boarding - Single Plan 3,500/hour