The vRealize Automation 8 Migration Assistant tool includes these network limitations.

  • You can only set one CIDR and only use the corresponding the IP ranges.
  • CIDR and Subnet size might be inaccurate. You can correct this by editing the sizes in the Network Profile post migration.
  • vRealize Automation 8 only supports Infoblox. No other third-party IPAM is supported. All other third-party IPAMs must be ported to the vRealize Automation 8 IPAM SDK by the user.
  • The vRealize Automation 8 Migration Assistant does not support blueprints with a private network component that do not contain a private network profile for migration.
  • Virtual machine IP allocations for both VMs and onboarded VMs are checked during deployment migration and allocated against the onboarded resources in vRealize Automation 8. If you only migrate your source infrastructure and not your deployments, provisioning virtual machines might fail because your source IP addresses are not migrated and allocated against vRealize Automation 8 onboarded resources.
  • After migrating to vRealize Automation 8, all IPAM information is migrated. However, day2 operations, such as deleting deployments, will not release the IP addresses from IPAM. You must manually remove the IP address from IPAM. As a workaround, you can create a subscription to remove the IP from IPAM.