Before you can migrate to vRealize Automation 8, you need to perform a migration assessment.

You can perform a migration assessment against your source environment and any embedded vRealize Orchestrator instances to determine the migration readiness of your vRealize Automation 7 source environment. The migration assessment alerts you to any system object and its dependencies that are not ready for migration and that will impact your migration process. See Considerations about vRealize Automation 8.

After performing a migration assessment you can then migrate to import content and configuration data from your current vRealize Automation 7 source environment to vRealize Automation 8.

Before you can run a migration assessment and migration, you must enable the migration assistant service.

To enable the migration assistant feature:

  1. After upgrading and deploying a new vRealize Automation 8 instance, navigate to Identity and Access Management.
  2. Select the user, edit the role to Cloud Administrator, and migration service administrator or viewer. Add the migration assessment service.
  3. Log user out of vRealize Automation 8.
  4. Log user in to vRealize Automation 8 to see the Migration Assessment tile.