The vRealize Automation 8 migration assistant tool includes these endpoint limitations.

  • After running a migration assessment, the vRO Azure endpoint configuration is populated on the Configuration tab. Before running a migration, you must manually enter the key by editing the configuration. If you attempt to migrate without providing the endpoint key, the migration fails.

  • For third-party IPAM endpoints, vRealize Automation 8 only supports Infoblox. All other third-party IPAMS must use the vRealize Automation 8 IPAM SDK.
  • To be assessed and migrated, endpoints must contain at least one active reservation.
  • In vRealize Automation 7, fabric groups were created to specify which regions/compute resources from a given endpoint were available to be managed by vRealize Automation (For example, the regions/compute resources that we can use when provisioning workloads). When an endpoint is migrated, the restrictions imposed by fabric groups are not preserved. Instead, all regions/compute resources belonging to the endpoint are available for management.
  • vRealize Automation 8 only supports vSphere 6.x and later. Migration fails for vSphere 5.x or earlier.