You can configure and use SaltStack Config (formerly SaltStack Enterprise) in vRealize Automation to provision, configure, and deploy software to your virtual machines at any scale using event-driven automation. You can also use SaltStack Config to define and enforce optimal, compliant software states across your entire environment.

vRealize Automation SaltStack Config is a configuration management system that maintains virtual machines in defined states, providing assurance that specific packages are installed and that specific services are running. You can also use SaltStack Config to query and execute commands on individual VMs, or groups of VMs, at high scale and speed.

More information about the SaltStack Config integration in vRealize Automation is available on the SaltStack Config product page.

Installing SaltStack Config

SaltStack Config is a stand-alone product that you can integrate with and use in vRealize Automation. Before integrating SaltStack Config with vRealize Automation, you must first install it in your environment.

SaltStack Config supports two installation methods:

  • Standard installation - Installs the architectural components needed for SaltStack Config in four or more separate nodes.
  • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRLCM) installation - Installs SaltStack Config and all of its architectural components on a single node. This method also installs the Salt master host and configures a required vRealize Automation property group.

For information about installing SaltStack Config using either installation method, see Install and Configure SaltStack Config.

Note: If you are unsure which installation method is best for your system, the standard installation is recommended. The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager installation method is not recommended for production grade systems with more than 1,000 nodes.

Configuring and using a SaltStack Config integration in vRealize Automation

For information about configuring a SaltStack Config integration in vRealize Automation, and subsequently deploying Salt minions by using a vRealize Automation cloud template, see Configure a SaltStack Config integration.

SaltStack Config product documentation

SaltStack Config has two documentation guides: