By adding a username and password to the cloud template, you can have simple remote access to a machine that vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly deploys.

Although it is less secure, logging in remotely with a username and password might be all that your situation requires. Be aware that some cloud vendors or configurations might not support this less secure option.

  1. In vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly, before provisioning, add remoteAccess properties to the cloud template as shown in the example.

    Set the username and password to the account that you expect to log in with.


    type: Cloud.Machine
      name: our-vm3
      image: Linux18
      flavor: small
        authentication: usernamePassword
        username: testuser
        password: admin123
  2. In vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly, provision the machine from its cloud template, and bring it to a started-up state.
  3. Go to your cloud vendor's interface, and access the provisioned machine.
  4. On the provisioned machine, create or enable the account.
  5. From your local machine, open a remote session to the provisioned machine IP address or FQDN, and log in with the username and password as usual.