After configuring the dynamic types plug-in, you can create some dynamic types object to test the new dynamic types configuration.

You can create an instance of your new dynamic types object by running the Create Website Object workflow that is included in the sample package. This workflow creates a dynamic types object called Websites Site, which includes the input parameters required for your custom resource.

Note: The Create Website Object workflow generates an ID for the newly created object if no ID is supplied when first calling the action. Depending on your use case, you might want to supply the ID for these objects by specifying the ID property when creating the object.
Note: The object types follows the namespace.object format. For this use case, the object type would be Websites.Site.

When the workflow finishes running, you should see the new object in the dynamic types plug-in inventory under the Sites folder.

The data backing the object displayed in the dynamic types inventory is saved as a custom resource under the VMware/PVE/dynamictypes/dataPersistance folder.

Regarding the custom resource itself, there are key requirements for Create and Delete workflows:

  • The Create workflow must have string type inputs for each required object property.
  • The Create workflow must have a dynamic types object as the only output for the workflow.
  • The Delete workflow must have single dynamic types object input.

The sample package has workflows for both create and delete website objects.