If a group is not available on the Add Groups page when you are adding users to projects, check the Identity & Access Management page and add the group if it is available. If the group is not listed on the Identity & Access Management page in vRealize Automation, the group may not be synchronized in your Workspace One Access instance. You can verify that it has been synchronized and then use this procedure to add the group as shown herein.

To add members of an Active Directory group to a project, you must ensure that the group is synchronized with your Workspace One Access instance and that the group is added to the organization.


If the groups are not synchronized, they are not available when you try to add them to a project. Verify that you synchronized your Active Directory groups with your Lifecycle Manager instance.


  1. Log in to vRealize Automation as a user from the same Active Directory domain that you are adding. For example, @mycompany.com
  2. In Cloud Assembly, click Identity & Access Management in the header right navigation.
  3. Click Enterprise Groups, and then click Assign Roles.
  4. Use the search function to find the group that you are adding and select it.
  5. Assign an organization role.

    At a minimum, the group must have an Organization Member role. SeeWhat are the vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly user roles for more information.

  6. Click Add Service Access, add one or more services, and select a role for each.
  7. Click Assign.


You can now add the Active Directory group to a project.