After you have created tenants for vRealize Automation in Lifecycle Manager, you can log in to Workspace ONE Access to view your tenants and add users.

You can view tenants created for a vRealize Automation deployment by logging in to the associated Workspace ONE Access instance. The URL to use is https://default-tenant name.domainname.local or, for a non-clustered deployment, https://idm.domainname.local which will direct you back to the default tenant Workspace ONE Access URL.

You can validate specific tenants in Workspace ONE Access using the following URL: https://tenant-1.domainname.local. This URL opens a page that show the users for the specified tenant. You can click Add User to create additional users on an ad-hoc basis.

Authorized users can log in to the main provider organization in vRealize Automation using https://vra.domainname.local. This view provides access to all vRealize Automation related services.

Authorized users can log in to applicable tenants in vRealize Automation using https://tenantname.vra.domainname.local.

For more information about managing users in Workspace ONE Access, see Managing users and groups.

Adding local users

You can add local users to your deployment using the associated Workspace ONE Access instance. Local users are users that are not stored in any external identity provider.