In vRealize Automation, all users can review machine resources that are exposed through data collection.

Information about all the machines in your projects is available. You can list only your machines or specify filters to control the display of listed machines.

Unmanaged machines that are associated to cloud accounts in your projects appear in this list, as do managed machines. The Origin column indicates the machine status.

  • Discovered - machines that have not yet been onboarded.
  • Deployed - machines that have been onboarded or provisioned from vRealize Automation and are considered to be managed machines.

Other machine information, such as custom properties and memory, is also collected and displayed.

You can use a workload onboarding plan to bring unmanaged machines into vRealize Automation management.

Disconnected machine NICs are not listed because vRealize Automation requires the presence of the network switch or subnet information to enumerate the ethernet card. For example, if you have removed a machine NIC from a deployment, the NIC is not listed.

For information about using onboarding plans to bring unmanaged machines into vRealize Automation management, see What are onboarding plans in vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly.