As a designated approver for deployment or day 2 action requests made in Service Broker or Cloud Assembly, you are tasked with approving requests. If you are an assigned approver in the policy, you received an email notification about a deployment request that someone made. If you are user with the Manage Approvals custom role who monitors and responds to approval requests, you do not receive a notification. In either scenario, you can use this procedure to understand how to respond to approval requests.

Some policies might require only your approval, while others require multiple people to approve approvals.

If the policy that you are responding to has multiple approvers but only requires one approver, you might see an already approved request in the Approvals tab. You do not need to take further action.

If you are managing many requests, you can limit the number of approval requests by using the filter option. For example, you might prefer to just see Pending approval requests rather than all the requests.



  1. If you are an assigned approver, you receive in email that provides the name of the requesting user, the catalog item, and a link to the request in the Approvals tab in Service Broker.
    If you are someone who manages approvals, you can open the Approvals tab and continue with the following steps.
  2. Locate the approval card for the notification.
  3. Review the deployment details and the approval details, and approve or reject the request.
    If you reject the request, you must provide a reason that is included in the email message sent to the requester.
  4. The system sends an email to the requester indicating that the request was approved or rejected.