You can create full or incremental snapshots of Microsoft Azure managed disks.

The Cloud Assembly Deployments page for an Azure deployment contains an Actions menu that provides several options for creating and deleting snapshots from Azure deployments on virtual machine managed disks and on independent managed disks. The following list outlines the specific snapshot functionality that is supported.

  • Create a disk snapshot - Supported for both external and compute disks. You can also create snapshots for a disk in a different resource group.
  • Delete a disk snapshot - Supported for external disks only
  • Encrypt snapshots using an Azure disk encryption set.
  • You can provide key-value pairs as tags during snapshot creation.

Snapshots on unmanaged disks are currently not supported.

If you use encryption, the current snapshot implementation supports platform-managed key encryption. By default, the network policy allows access from everywhere, so restricting access to snapshots by using the network policy is not possible.

For more information about using the Cloud Assembly Actions and the Deployments page, see What actions can I run on Cloud Assembly deployments.

For more information about Microsoft Azure snapshot support, see Create a snapshot of a virtual hard disk in Microsoft product documentation.