Congratulations on your successful NSX-V to NSX-T migration. Your NSX-T objects are now available for use in the vRealize Automation projects that you manage. However, there are some final cleanup steps needed in vCenter.

To complete the overall migration process, you'll need to perform some final post-migrations tasks, particularly around NSX-V object clean-up in your vCenter environment. After you have completed these final post-migration tasks, you can share information with your users about moving forward with the migrated resources.

Perform post-migration cleanup tasks

After you have verified your successful migration, you need to do some post-migration cleanup of any remaining NSX-V items. For example, you should delete expired controllers, edges, vCenter plug-ins, configuration files, and so on. This is a manual step and is described in the Uninstalling NSX for vSphere After Migration topic of the NSX-T Data Center Migration Coordinator Guide in NSX-T Data Center product documentation.

Work with migrated NSX resources

For information about using NSX-T objects in vRealize Automation, see Using and Managing vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly in vRealize Automation product documentation.

For information about working with NSX-T itself, see NSX-T Data Center product documentation.