In addition to the day 2 actions already associated with Cloud Assembly resource types, you have design options that let you prepare in advance for custom updates that users might need to make.


To change a deployment, you can edit its cloud template and reapply it, or you can use day 2 actions. However, in most cases you should avoid mixing the two approaches.

Lifecycle day 2 changes such as power on/off are usually safe, but others require caution, such as when adding disks.

For example, if you add disks with a day 2 action, and then take a mixed approach by reapplying the cloud template, the cloud template could overwrite the day 2 change, which might remove disks and cause data loss.

Day 2 preparation can involve either direct use of cloud template code, or the Cloud Assembly design interface.

  • You can use inputs in cloud template code so that, when you update the deployment or deployed resource, the interface prompts for fresh values.
  • You can use Cloud Assembly to design a custom action based on a vRealize Orchestrator workflow or an extensibility action. Running the custom action results in the workflow or extensibility action making changes to the deployment or deployed resource.