After migration, use migrated vRealize Automation 7 extensibility in Cloud Assembly with these subscriptions accordingly.

Not all subscriptions from vRealize Automation 7 can be migrated to vRealize Automation 8. To determine if a subscription can be migrated, review the assessment report.
Table 1. Subscriptions in vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly
vRealize Automation 7.x Subscription vRealize Automation 8 Subscription
Blueprint component completed Deployment resource completed
Blueprint component requested Deployment resource requested
Blueprint configuration Blueprint configuration
Blueprint request completed Deployment completed
Blueprint requested Deployment requested
Business group configuration Not supported
Catalog request completed Deployment completed
Catalog request received Deployment requested
Component action completed Deployment resource action completed
Component action requested Deployment resource action requested
Deployment action completed Deployment action completed (
Deployment action requested Deployment action requested (deployment.action.pre)
Endpoint action Not supported
EventLog default event EventLog
Infrastructure endpoint test connection Not supported
IPAM IP lifecycle event completion Not supported
Machine lifecycle Not supported
Machine provisioning Conditional, dependent on state.
Orchestration server configuration Not supported
Orchestration server configuration (XaaS) Not supported
Post Approval Not supported
Pre Approval Not supported
Resource Reclamation completion event Not supported