To establish the connection between the vRealize Automation and the VMware vRealize Automation for ServiceNow ITSM application, the ServiceNow system administrator or application administrator must register the ITSM application to a vRealize Automation instance. To register the VMware vRealize Automation for ServiceNow ITSM application with vRealize Automation Cloud a refresh key (API token) is required.


  • You must be the system administrator or ITSM application admin in ServiceNow.

  • Make sure that you have the Refresh Key. See Generate the Refresh Key.


  1. Log in to ServiceNow as a system administrator or ITSM application admin user.
  2. From the left pane, click Manage Endpoints > New.
  3. From the Endpoint Type drop-down menu, select vRealize Automation Cloud (vRA Cloud).
  4. Enter the details of your vRealize Automation Cloud instance.




    Enter a name for the vRealize Automation instance.

    Refresh key

    Enter a refresh key for the vRealize Automation Cloud.

    Base URL

    Select the required region base URL from the drop-down menu.


    By default, three regions are added to the x_vmw_cloudservice.cloud_API_endpoint_URL system property. You can add more vRealize Automation Cloud regions in comma-separated values as required in this system property. Contact VMware Support for more information.


    Import jobs run only if the Active box is checked.

  5. Click Save and Import to register and import the vRealize Automation Cloud data into the VMware vRealize Automation ITSM application.
  6. Repeat steps from 2 to 5 to register additional vRealize Automation end-points for different regions.

    If an endpoint is deactivated and reactivated again, then run the scheduled jobs again to reimport. Else, the user cannot perform any day 2 actions. See Configure and Run Import Jobs.